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Silkeborg, Denmark



- where football meets bamboo munching pandas!

OUT ON PS4 DECEMBER 19 - free demo available

Put together your ultimate Panda team, battle your friends (local) and become the honorable champion of Pamuria in a game with a twist to traditional rules and game changing Powerups and Balls.

Each Panda team has five players. You have the option of customizing your Pandas and team with unique- stats, passive abilities and look - enabling you to create your own playstyle and make it possible for you to outsmart your opponent.

In PandaBall, you will experience a total control of your team with quick access to all 4 field Pandas on the face buttons, and an intuitive twin-stick system which gives you 100% control of each Panda.

Game Features

- adding flavour to the traditional rules of football!

  • Various Balls and Powerups with different traits and effects. Spicing up the traditional rules with mechanics that adds to the fun and your strategic maneuverability

  • Easy to play, even for people with no gaming experience, still with the possibility to increase your technical skill level.

  • Each Panda is unique in appearance, passive ability, items, stats, and personality. Which gives the player freedom to create a team completely to his/her liking, both by look and strategy.

  • Every Panda has it’s own level and questline to complete for each level. Leveling up grants a new item for your Panda, thus making your skills apparent to other players. 

  • Play  local - 1 vs. 1.


- welcome to Pamuria!

Pamuria is a colorful and vibrant island, providing the Pandas with the best setting for a bright and care-free life.   

PandaBall presents a cartoony and stylished world comprising big and exaggerated shapes, harmonious and bright colors and goofy, humanoid Pandas. Our wish by doing so, is to provide players with the perfect casual setting for a match of football.

With it's lush jungle, bamboo forest, towering cliffs and mighty waterfalls, Pamuria seems as an unlikely place for the game of football to unfold. However, as a Panda with an appetite for bamboo and recreation, this is the perfect setting!   


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